I just got out of a meeting with the head of an independent ad agency in Portland. He said some things that seem really relevant, so I want to share them.

First things first, FAIL HARD. By this he means to give yourself the opportunity to be humiliated. Whatever you do as a person, allow yourself to fail at it, because if there isn’t the possibility of failure, then what you’re doing isn’t really all that important. And if you fail, revel in that failure. Feel how it is to have put your entire self into something and have it not work out. That’s the shit! It isn’t in terms of fucking up or anything, more so your efforts to do something new, something exciting, or something you’ve never done before. We put so much emphasis on the things we failed at, but that emphasis is rarely positive. So let’s start swimming in our failures and realize how awesome we failed at shit. If you’ve never failed at something, you are boring as fuck.

Be creative. It seems that a lot of us put a limit on our own creativity. For some of us that limit is very low, for various reasons (social, professional, cause it’s not “cooool”), but just try to blow that limit up for a couple of days. If you like your creative self, then keep it. If you don’t, then put a cap on it. In a way this thought is similar to the fail hard idea, but being creative is seemingly a lot harder than failing. Correct. However, all of you little fuckers better remember that creativity doesn’t have a model or a design. You make your design. Fuck shit up. Have fun with yourself. And never take yourself too seriously, unless you’re trying to fail!

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