Why Being a Woman Rocks

I often catch myself saying, “Women suck. Why are women such bitches?”

Disclaimer – I am a woman.

It’s hard for me to watch women hate on each other and create needless drama over what she wore, or what she said, or “What? She’s with that guy?” It’s incredibly disappointing to see this happening all the time within the female race. Especially since being a woman is so great.

Women are sexy, beautiful creatures – think about all the artwork women have inspired throughout history. Women can cry without feeling embarassed, be affectionate with other women without worrying about looking gay. Women can give birth. And now, we can do all of that while also kicking ass in the workplace.

We have the fortune of balancing being headstrong, ladylike, and sexy all at the same time, like one part Betty Friedan, one part Princess Diana, and one part Eva Mendes. In fact, embracing all of these aspects of modern-day womanhood can get kind of confusing. How do you set the scales between the “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar” attitude of a first wave feminist and the delicate, polite nature of a true lady? I guess each woman figures out her own scale, some perhaps being more of the woman warrior or the conservative lady, while others may be more of the sexpot. Regardless of how they balance these conflicting identities, the true women are the ones who strike the balance on their own terms, who do what they want as opposed to what others expect from them. They ignore the backhanded comments by jealous female peers, turn their heads when men suggest they act otherwise, and skillfully persuade their mothers and grandmothers who just don’t understand. They work towards living their life in their own way.

I’m proud of these women, the women who live their life in their own way. I’m proud of the women who own their bodies, tastefully flaunt them, and don’t worry about being called sluts. I’m proud of the women who laugh out loud, who share kind words, who lift other women up. I’m proud of the women who can seduce a man and outsmart him to. I’m proud of the women who don’t play mind games or mess with guys’ hearts. Who are brave enough to lay it all out on the table and just tell a man how they really feel. I’m proud of the women who don’t know how to balance work and family but do it anyway because they only have one life to live and they want it all. And lastly, I’m proud of the women who work twice as hard not because they think, “hey we’re women and we’re at a disadvantage” but because they think, “hey we’re women, it’s just what we do.”

Whatever it is you want to do, whoever it is you want to be, just do it on your own terms. Never before have women had so many choices, so many directions in which they could take their lives. So to all the women who are reading this right now, instead of wasting time wondering why she’s doing this or why she’s doing that, think about what you can do with your life right now. We’re women, it’s a beautiful thing. Go out and celebrate it.

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