What you leave behind defines you

I was watching tv eating my tj’s hero when that direct tv commercial came on, the one where the familys at the will reading and the son gets his dad’s collection of movies and jumps around like he hit the lottery. while chewing my stealth with extra stealth sauce it hit me: you’re only as good as what you leave behind when you die. we’re all going to have to face our own mortality sooner or later and when that happens i believe that as long as we’ve left something behind for the next generation then we’ve fulfilled our “purpose” in life. in my philosophy class at suffolk we talked alot about the design theory. part of it states that we were all created by a transcendent being or entity and this statement is backed up by the fact that we create things that function on their own for example the difference between a rock and a watch is that the watch can tick on its own, a rock has to be thrown or sharpened or whatever you need it to be. this idea is the same for us. we can think and act on our own but we all have expiration dates and what we do before that date, i believe, will define who we are. what we leave behind could be anything significant to the next generation from a business conglomerate, to a car, or even another human being. whatever it is it will help to define the next generation depending on how they use it. we’re “designed” to reproduce to learn and to teach each other. these are the reasons in which i believe all of our individual actions will effect the generation after us and ultimately define us as a species.

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