Smile in the Face of Doubt (SITFOD)

Smile in the Face of Doubt (SITFOD)

You can’t do that. This isn’t right for you. I don’t think you would fit in there. You’re not really cutout for this. You were intended for other things. You’ve never done that before. You’re not that type of person. You’re not this. You’re not that. You’re just…not.

We’ve heard it all before, from all people, in all forms. The doubt in their voices, fear in the disguise of advice, words, words, and more words. These are the words of limitations, restrictions, and boundaries that people choose not only to place upon themselves, but also upon us. Just think about the times that our parents, friends, and teachers have dissuaded us from what they call a bad decision. They say, “It’s just not right for you…that’s all.” And, in turn, we may begin to agree that something isn’t right…that we really aren’t cutout for something.

We must understand that these words are only just that, words. They lack any inherent power within themselves. But it is when we feed them that they begin to grow. With each nod of approval, each “Hm…maybe,” and each “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” that we give them, they begin to take on a new shape. They become real. What was once an empty doubt that weighed no more than a pebble, soon becomes a boulder that we allow to weigh ourselves down.

That’s the funny thing about doubt—it spreads like wildfire when we allow it to. We listen to the limitations of others, and internalize them. The truth about it all is that we never know what we’re capable of until the opportunity presents itself. And even then, we have to be strong enough to listen to our feelings first, and thoughts second. In this aspect, strength is key. We must be strong enough to listen to the doubts of others, and allow their words to starve themselves to death. We have to be strong enough to realize that we’re not invincible, and that tomorrow, an hour from now, or even five minutes isn’t guaranteed.

Nothing is probable. Nothing. Is. Probable. Just look at history, or even your own life. How many unexpected things have happened within the last hour of your life? G.I. Gurdjieff once wrote that if people realized that they, and everyone they knew, weren’t going to exist within 100 years, they would be able to live their lives more freely, more happily. Because to realize that each second, each breath, and each experience is a gift, is to realize that the doubts that others place upon us only serve to make each second, each breath, and each experience that more unique.

Take a chance. Jump. Why can’t you do that? Why can’t you be different? Risk it all. Who says you shouldn’t try this?

These are all words, as well, which shows that the only truth lies within ourselves, not the words of others.

Experience to know, and smile in the face of doubt.

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