The Mask: Short Story #3

Another day, another fight with her boyfriend. She acts like hes not even there anymore and he’s sick of it. Something had to change. Her mind is elsewhere, on another guy. Things are hard enough as it is because of her secret life, the life of a vigilante. Shes gone for all hours of the night. Scouring every corner of the city.  She helplessly watched people her whole life, as the people she loved were being robbed and murdered until one day, she decided to use her new found gifts of super strength and agility to help innocent people, At least until she met another crime fighter, her secret but anonymous lover in the black and blue mask.

They’ve been seeing each other for months now, and despite how strongly she feels about her boyfriend, she could never feel complete without her man in the mask. She’s never seen his face or even heard him speak, yet somehow they always end up with each other, letting their bodies do the talking.

After her boyfriend fell asleep, she snuck out again, like every night, hoping to see him again. As she clears the rooftops of her moonlit city, she hears someone in trouble and jumps down to rescue another victim. The man in the mask watches her from a nearby rooftop. He enjoys watching her in action, but as more criminals begin to surround her he decides to give her a hand. They fight back to back working together in perfect harmony without speaking a word to each other. While dealing with one of the bad guys, the masked man sees his fellow vigilante having trouble dealing with her opponent. He tries to go help her but gets hit with a pipe, knocking his mask off. He beats the bad guy senseless as his lover does the same. The man drops to the ground fumbling the pieces of his shattered mask. The moon shined down on him like a spotlight. she walks over to the man and puts her hand on his shoulder. He stands up so she can finally look at him. Shaking with anticipation she watches him slowly lift his head and turn to her. Her eyes widen as she locks gazes with the eyes of her boyfriend.

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