real recognize real

First off id like to start with my own personal questions, one i find myself asking my conscience very often, what is my true meaning to life?, after having mental breakdowns about my own wrong decisions in life or regrets i began thinking about what i will do in life, not somthing that will make me rich, but something that will make me happy, after graduating high school things change for everyone i believe and if youve gone through this time in your life i think youll understand where im comming from, now i do not currently go to school but when i do im going to suffolk community next semester.

i have spent countless hours wondering “where did i exactly fuck up?” i dont want to become one of these losers still chillen in bellport husltling for a couple bucks to go nowhere in life, i believe the true meaning of life is reaching your own personal success, creating yourself and reaching goals that you decide to go after.

however, with success comes the money, i do not agree that money is happiness i just think its a bonus to reaching your ultimate moment when your personal success is at its highest

my problem is the view some of my peers have on people like me, someone who didn’t go away to school and change my life in that way, Ive had people look down on me and give me this look that i cant explain when they hear im staying home, not to say all people that go away think this or look down on someone who didn’t go away to school.

from what ive seen i notice that most people who go away seem to not like it, but i agree and i dont believe its for everyone, lots of people go away to college and become worse people and change in a negative way, whether it be drug addictions, personality flaws or becoming alcoholics. those that use their college experience to do positive with their life instead of just going to classes shitty and getting fucked up everynight.

now i cant go and say that if i went to college i wouldnt do those things because i wouldnt know until i went.

as for me i drink every so often with friends and i smoke weed just about everyday. i think my outlook on weed and the world reflect the way i conduct myself, if we all though weed was really that bad , then we wouldnt smoke it, right?. i udnerstand where people are comming from when you say that it destroys a persons drive and ambition. im not saying that this isnt true, but im saying that if that is what weed does to you, then you shouldnt smoke it.

me on the other hand , i smoke everyday and am not phased in negative ways, yeah weed may make you tired and drowsy and not want to do anything, but thats only for the moment, i dont believe that weed has that much of a negative effect to completely destroy someones inner drive or ambition.some of the worlds most successful people have admitted to smoking weed for a majority of the lives.

with all of this being said i am not choosing sides on whether weed is bad or good . i am showing my side where i believe that it doest effect me in negative ways, on the other hand it may effect others in negative ways. it all depends on the person.

“real recognize real”


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