Real Hip-Hop Fans ONLY

This is for real hip hop fans only. I’m sure if your the regular person, this is not for you. It takes a real fan to listen to what’s really good and not that other garbage Waka Flocka shit. I’ve always loved hip-hop radio like Squeeze that I was put onto by by Uncle, so I figured I would try to put something together. Lately, I’ve been really immersed in this shit; I’ve been listening to a lot and my record collection is def on the come up. This is just a collection of mostly new music, some old, and some sorta old that I’ve downloaded or come across over the past week or so. It’s around an hour so it’s not that long that you can’t listen to it in the car or while doing some chores at home. Enjoy the download (Click download to download)

Oh and in case you didn’t know, I also have shit over at SongotheDay.

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