Real Hip-Hop Fans ONLY!!! 2

And once again Real Hip-Hop Fans ONLY!!!!

Seems like some were confused with the last one and what it really was. It was specifically new shit that I had come across withing the past 2 weeks or so with some that I just decided to play. People can question my selections all they want but unless you listened then don’t comment. Most people miss out on great artists just because they wont give them a chance. There was a comment on the last one referring to backpack rappers; but I feel that being a true hip-hop fan comes with being able to listen to any “genre” of hip-hop. Fact of the matter is that real hip-hop has no separate “genre”. Phonte once said, “It takes a real hip-hop fan to listen to our music” on one of the intro’s to song that I believe was on The Listening. It takes a true hip-hop fan to look past the beat, who the MC is, or even where they came from and really enjoy what the artist has to offer.

Anyone can make their own list of “real rappers” and easily have Common, Talib, The Roots, etc… on that list but can you even call yourself a real hip-hop fan if you don’t look past this very common list and find artists that could be on this list now or even in the near future. The point is that categorization puts your taste of music in a box and if you don’t explore, then you don’t know what your missing. Little more of a mixture as far as when these tracks came out. Only about 2 or 3 that have come out within the last week or so. And the intro is from the Sway and King Tech Wakeup show that I stole from my uncle. Was on cassette so the quality isn’t that good but enjoy either way. And enjoy the rest of the tracks. Comments welcome and I’m always up for hip-hop discussion.


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