Gandhi was WRONG!

For many people, our morals–knowing what is right and what is wrong–were given to us without our consent. Think of it. When you walk in the street and see people acting in a certain way that you deem to be “wrong,” where did this whole notion of a “wrong” action come from? These morals can change gradually over the years within one society–American society become more liberal in their clothing–or can change drastically from the context of one society to another. Nietzsche wrote about this moral relativism in his book, On the Genealogy of Morality. For example, Gandhi went to South Africa and perceived what others considered as right–the subjugation and oppression of non-white South Africans–was wrong. But from another perspective, and from the eyes of other people, Gandhi was WRONG!

With all of this being said, it’s very possible that you would begin to find it beneficial to become a society unto yourself and decide what is right and what is wrong relative to you. Please watch the video below for an elaboration of the aforementioned ideas.

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