Fighting Is Not The Answer

Have you ever wondered why we fight? There’s honestly no point to it. What is it going to solve? Absolutely nothing. It’s just going to get your anger out but that could cause even more problems so when you think It’ll solve problems, it really won’t. And for some reason in life, everyone likes to hurt people and they get enjoyment out of it. Have you ever watched two people fight? Everyone crowds around and watches and laughs and they like to see people hurt, they want to see people get hurt. And when one person wins, they feel like they’ve won a trophy or a medal. It’s like a prize to win a fight. You think you won? No, you haven’t won anything. You’ve just hurt someone physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don’t see any winning in that. I recently saw a fight that was about to break out and I saw the two faces and all I saw in their eyes was hurt and anger. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen especially knowing one of the fighters was my brother. I didn’t want them to fight and thank god they didn’t. I’ve never seen so much hate and anger in my brother’s face. I didn’t know what to do so, me, being stupid, I tried stopping it as well as some other people. And I look around and all I see is people shouting and some smiling and their faces. I saw happiness that something like this was going to happen in the middle of a party. In the middle of having a great time, this ruined my night but it made everyone elses nights better. But after a fight people don’t see the damage they’ve done; all they see are the people laughing and the smiles on everyones faces. They don’t look back at the other person that they just fought. If we didn’t fight, this world would be so great. No wars, no arguing. And people try and stop the wars and the arguing but that also brings violence sometimes. This is not a perfect world; there are wars, there are arguments and there’s nothing we can do except hope for it to all end one day. And of coarse everyone knows it will never end, but we still try; why do we do this? Because we are trying to resolve things instead of causing the problem. We watch school fights, UFC, and we all get enjoyment out of it. I will never understand why we like to see people hurt for us to feel good about ourselves. It’s something no one can explain. But in life there are many things we will never be able to explain. So there’s really nothing we can do except sit, wait, and wish. I like to move on from things, not to hold grudges because holding grudges hurts you emotionally and makes you hate when you don’t have to. So don’t hold grudges, be happy, live your life and don’t fight because that will never be the solution to any problem.

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