Do you know how long FOREVER is?

I used to go to church until I was about ten, and then I started to think about what it all really meant, which then brought me to the question: “Do people really believe in this stuff?” I used to sit in front of my pastor, and hear him talk about how everything will be great once we went to heaven. That there was no pain, no suffering, no problems, and that we would be able to have everything that we’ve ever wanted. I began to doubt the existence of heaven, and said that even if it did exist, I didn’t know if I wanted to go there because I couldn’t picture, or understand, a world where I wouldn’t get hurt if I fell off of my bike, or a world where everyone lived together and didn’t disagree with each other.

This isn’t an article about how god doesn’t exist, how you’re a fool for being religious, or to disrespect any of your knowledge or beliefs. I know that-what many people would call-god exists, but maybe in a way that is unlike your own thinking. This article is my brief take on religion.

How many people can say that they really believe in what they’ve read in the bible, or that they’ve been taught at church? I would sit in church and ask myself why everyone wasn’t getting up and running all over the place screaming about how much they loved god and how they couldn’t wait to go to heaven. I always wondered how people could just go on living their lives and committing “sins” if they really and truly knew that they would go to hell for doing bad things. A hell where you would burn forever. FOREVER. Do you know how long forever is? This stuff just blew my mind.

I’m rambling, but that’s okay. What’s truly funny is how people always make fun of those who sincerely know that their religion is right, give their whole selves to it, and go around telling people about it. I used to see people on the subway screaming about the power of god. I’ve seen people in Union Square trying to teach others the bible (I even heckled one guy in this video), and I’ve also seen people crying because they’ve seen the beauty of god. We usually just look at these people and laugh, or regard them as crazy, BUT THEY MAY BE THE ONLY ONES WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN THEIR RELIGIONS. Hell, many people consider those who say they hear god in their head as being insane.

I don’t know man. I don’t adhere to any one religion, but I know the things that I know. I don’t believe in them, I know them. That’s why I make videos talking about the things that I know. I make videos celebrating life in all of it’s forms. I even run up to strangers and converse with them about the beauty of life. I’m not saying that you don’t believe in your religion if you’re not screaming about it every second of the day, but where there is belief there is also doubt.

I’m in heaven right now. If I were in a place where it wouldn’t hurt if I fell off of my bike, or where people didn’t disagree, then I wouldn’t be living and this wouldn’t be life. In any case, I guess we’ll all just have To Wait.

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