Dear God 3.0

If you could ask god/krishna/allah/buddha/any deity a question, or even leave him/her a comment, what would you say? I found a book that is composed of thirty-two letters to god from 7-9 year old children. I’m not sure of the name of the book, or how it just popped out of nowhere, but it’s something worth sharing. Some of it is funny, some of it is sad, and some of it is just good to hear.

This one seemed to affect me the most.

I don’t know how old the book is, but it really doesn’t matter. These kids could have grown up, became doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, ministers and other things, and then died without ever getting closer to god than when they wrote those letters. They could have also grown up and found god in amazing ways. We’ll never know. Watch the video and leave a comment, possible your own “Dear God.” Thanks!

The song, “Dear God 2.0″ is on The Roots new album, “How I Got Over” Here’s the song just in case you wanted to listen to it:

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