A very good friend of mine once told me “a man who can control himself is the most powerful man in the world.” these words have been echoing inside my head since he told me. I’m writing this because recently I’ve had an extremely close call where i almost lost someone very close to me over a quick fix. Most of us (if not all) have experimented with drugs, which is all fine and dandy but why  is it that we do drugs? aside from the horrible effects it has on our bodies and minds and even our lives it also hurts the people around us. Sure, some drugs help us feel better when we’re feeling sick but even those effects wear off. From seemingly harmless household items like magic markers, glue, spray paint, even whip cream, to the more powerful and lethal drugs like heroin and cocaine they all give us a feeling of, well, pleasure.

People are finding more and more innovative ways of getting high and frankly it scares the crap outta me. I think it was Nixon who said “America’s number one threat is drugs.” and he was just thinking small. Drugs not only effect the entire world but practically run it. I think i’ts safe to say that about 70% (more or less) people in the world listen to rap music and most of these rap songs make it sound so cool to sell drugs and kill one another over them not to mention rappers already kill each other over their music. Take biggie and ‘pac (RIP), they died over (i believe) a conspiracy fueled by rap beef. If they could have just swallowed their pride and kept making their beautiful music together they’d probably still be alive today. Now maybe my thoughts are a little one sided and maybe they’re completely wrong but as long as i have my right to speak my mind i will. we can’t help each other until we help ourselves first and as long there are people who cant help themselves, people who listen to the devil on their shoulder, people who truly believe selling drugs and killing each other is the only to make a living we’re only going to get worse and worse. the saddest thing in the world isn’t death, its wasted potential and drugs are the main cause of this. they make you feel high but you’re only dragging yourself down. this isnt a racist blog, evil doesnt discriminate. and im not saying people should live in poverty because its wrong to sell drugs, by all means make your money, but there is a better, and safer way. drugs bring out our inner demons and unleashes them on not only ourselves but the ones we care about most. we’ve all seen or have been “that guy” who’s had waayy too much to drink at a party and end up collapsing in a puddle of their own vomit after making a complete fool of themselves. im not saying im perfect cause im the farthest thing from it, but i try to do everything in moderation. recently i’ve quit smoking weed and im filling that gap with stuff that effects me positively. so to reiterate what i said earlier because i cant stress this enough, we cant help each other until we help ourselves first and to have self control is probably the most powerful thing in your life so don’t lose it. thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it.

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