Beer Pong: The Perfect Shot

Beer Pong. A game of winners, losers, and people who just become too drunk to even comprehend what winning and losing means. The game that we know today has its origins in an original form of “Beer Pong,” which was created at Dartmouth College in the 1950s, and also involved using paddles. Wikipedia said that the original game more so resembled actual ping-pong: “Eventually, a version without paddles was created, and later the names Beer Pong and Beirut were adopted in some areas of the USA sometime in the 1980s.”

There’s a whole website, culture, and lifestyle surrounding the “sport” that is Beer Pong, and can be found here. This is really some serious stuff for a lot of people. I’ve played a game here and there, and I’m not really obsessed with it, but it’s actually surprisingly fun. Some people actually get better at it as they become drunker. There’s even a world series of Beer Pong, which is held in Las Vegas during the month of January. I watched a promotional video for it on the official Beer Pong website, and it seems really tight. Anyway, this articles isn’t really about Beer Pong itself, but about a video I made of my friends playing the game and REALLY getting into it.

Check it out:

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