HardFluff [hahrd fluhf]

  1. Two things that are seemingly opposite, but are in fact just two sides of the same coin, in the same way that everything else in our lives is connected. In essence, a symbol of our connection to each other and everything else.
  2. The matter that resides within the intangible (Thoughts, ideas, memories, feelings).
  3. Whatever you want it to be. Your life is Hardfluff in the same way that mine is.

What’s the point of all of this? Hardfluff only has one purpose, to serve as a place where anyone and everyone can spread their passions through writing, videos, or anything else like pictures. It’s not an attempt at being the next social networking giant like Facebook or Twitter, but it is an attempt at being the spark that allows for people’s passions to spread like wildfire. I have a passion, you have a passion, and it makes sense for you and I to spread what we love most to the world so that we can all merge ideas, spark thoughts, and realize that no two opposites really exist in our world. This is Hardfluff. My passions are speaking, reading, writing, spreading passions and enjoying life…what’s yours?

You can be a part of Hardfluff too! Just register on the home page with your name and e-mail so that you can start spreading your passion like the rest of us. :)

E-mail- Matthew@HardFluff.com
Skype- Matt Askaripour

About the Author

I'm a student and a teacher, just like you. Let's spread Hardfluff as far as our imaginations permit us.