A Hand To The Blind

I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me and I want people to challenge me on this.  Just know beforehand that I don’t judge and I’m not personally calling anybody out at all through this. I’ve been thinking about how to put it for a few days now and coming up blank so I’m just going to ramble on and hope my point gets made.  

The topic is the huge increase in weed smoking in the world and the toll it’s taking on people’s lives.  I saw the High School Perspective on here and thought it was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen; actually, it was dumb in some ways but genius in others.  I have a feeling the guy who made it knows the dangers of weed.  But nonetheless no offense to Matt or anyone who was in it for calling it dumb.  All it was about was weed.  It amazed me how proud everyone seemed, and how in love with this drug they were.  To the point where they said they had their own “weed life.”  The video was showcase on how weed changes the mentality of people, and I personally don’t know how the people in it actually like that there are videos out like that. 

Every bit of evidence I need to prove to you guys that weed is a complete negative in the community is right there in that video.  People aren’t noticing the hold it has on people, the devotion people have towards a plant.  They raise it up like the golden calf, but just like in the bible it’ll only cause their demise in the end.  No one notices it either.  I think deep down, anyone who smokes knows that it’s taking a negative toll on them.  Especially when it gets to multiple times a week, but none of them want to stop.  The most common answer for “you should stop” is “I don’t want to” and they continue to say it’s not addictive. 

Personally, I haven’t met many people who’ve started smoking and effectively stopped and this is why I’ve concluded that it’s an addictive substance.  Even though it may not be a drug that you become physically dependant on, people don’t want to stop doing it and that’s all it takes for me.  Marijuana is an addictive substance.  It s addictive and it drains, if not completely destroys someone’s potential. 

The common trend that I’ve observed is that long time weed smokers tend to drop out of school more, not try as hard as they used to, and just plain not do as good as they can or should have.  Not only that but a lot of them wind up never “getting out.”  It truly is sad, because half of these kids are throwing away their dreams before they know it and yet they still have an unexplainable comfort about the future.  As if some hand from God is going to pick them up and put them back on their feet again.  I’m not saying hope is lost, I guess it’s just a cry to people saying that tomorrow starts today, and once tomorrow comes, you’re going to look back and say one of two things; thank God I did what I did or wow I really should’ve done something different.

 Weed really is a worse drug than people think, I truly believe this and this is why I’m writing right now.  More people than ever are smoking and it’s starting much younger.  I don’t know maybe I’m the only one who sees it, but we need to change and we need to change fast.

I appreciate it if you took the time to read this, I really do.  It’s become important to me recently and if you agree with me please let me know.  Let me know if you don’t agree with me too and I really hope someone does.  I don’t judge and if you still smoke after this, from a former pothead to fellow potheads, go ahead.  I guess the main point is, just look to your future because you only get one chance and it’s not too late to change.

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